Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This a great exercise to do on any situation from our past.
Begin by thinking of a situation that you may regret or have resentment around. Now take a deep breath and let your mind be creative and wander.. let it come up with 5 positive things that came from this situation. Some of the positives might be lessons you learned or the strength and wisdom you gained on the other side of it. Now write these positive outcomes on a piece of paper. Begin to allow your focus on this event, in everyday life,  to change to the positive things you got out of it, replacing your old story about how horrible it was. It will take time but if we are willing to change our story in our head then we can find the negative emotions and beliefs of the past start to fade away. We still remember the event and all the lessons learned but the pain is removed. If you find to much resistant to find anything positive then doing a round of EFT tapping may release enough that you can be open to the positive.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I just wanted to get out the word that I will be teaching an EFT workshop at New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland Oregon on January 12 2013. The time will be 11 to 1 pm and the cost is $20.
 You can sign up soon at  http://www.newrenbooks.com

The group is open to all levels of experience with EFT. When we use EFT in a group setting it magnifies the energy for all group members and sometimes they will experience a deeper release.   The theme will be Creating Positive Change for the New Year. However we will be tapping on whatever the group members desire to change in their lives. Each person will get individual time, if desired, to tap on whatever they choose. EFT is a powerful tool to help you let go of old negative beliefs and feelings and replace them with more positive and helpful ones. Some of the many thing it can be used on are:

Stop Smoking
Weight Loss
Relationship stress
Physical issues
and much more.

Come and change your life!

You can learn more about EFT at  http://www.eftuniverse.com/

If you have any questions about this easy and effective technique or working with it in groups you can call me at 503-998-7775

You can also follow me on facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/peacefromwithin 

Happy New Year to you!
Liesl Anderson

Thursday, November 15, 2012

You life starts as a blank page in a empty book. Many people including yourself write on the pages of your life or your book. Some are good things, some are bad. Some are true, some are lies. Sometimes someone writes something in your book they say is about you but it is really about them. As we get older we either accept everything written in our book as truth and unchangeable or we challenge it. If we accept everything and leave it as it is then we become controlled or are the victim of what is written there whether it was written by us or others. Whether it is true or not.  If we challenge it we evaluate the truth of those things written and get out our eraser and remove the things we determine are false about ourselves and the world.We will always remember those things were written there but they will no longer be in our story. We do have the power and right to question and challenge both what others write in our book and what we add to it. What we thought was true last year may not be what we think is true today and it is okay to remove it. It is our book and we are in control of what is written in it and what stays in it. You are the author of your own story and always have been.  This understanding has the power to change your whole life for the better. It has to ability, if you let it, to empower you and allow you to create your life just as you desire it to be. To let go of the past and develop a new story line for your future. Get out there and write your story!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Relaxing the Body

All to often we find our bodies just as tense and stressed out as out minds. In teaching Hypnosis we often use a technique called progressive relaxation. Progressive relaxation is used to train the body to relax and release stress it is carrying. In the Life Skills Manual from Rapid Eye Technology there is a great exercise teaching progressive relaxation and how it aids in releasing emotions held in the body that I am going to share with you today. First read through it then read it again practicing it then finally doing your best to follow the basics, lay down somewhere quite and go through the body in the fashion taught as often as you feel it benefits you. Here is the exercise:

" In this exercise, direct your attention to each area of the body; as this happens, the act of paying attention releases deep-stored stresses. Like a child, your body wants attention and feels comforted when it receives it. 

Sit with your eyes closed in a comfortable chair or lie down. ( Choose a quiet room that is free of distracting noises) Place your attention on the toes of your right foot. Curl them down and hold, then go until they feel the sense of relaxation that flows into them. Don't rush either the tensing or the relaxing; take time to feel what is happening. 

Now let out a long, deep sigh as if you are breathing out of your toes, letting all stored fatigue and tension flow away with your breath. Don't puff or blow; just let the sigh of relief, without holding back. If you let out a moan or groan, all the better- that is a sigh of release. 

Now repeat this procedure with the top of your right food, first placing your attention on it, then tensing the muscles (by arching your foot backward), and finally relaxing them. When the top of your food feels relaxed, let out a sigh as if you are breathing out through your toes. 

Once you have this basic technique down, take your attention to all parts of the body in the following order. Remember that this in not just a muscle relaxation technique; your attention needs to linger comfortably at each bodily location. 

RIGHT FOOD: toes, top of foot, sole of foot, ankle ( two stages: flexing back then flexing forward) 





RIGHT HAND: fingers, wrist ( two stages: flexing back then flexing forward)

LEFT HAND:  fingers wrist also in two stages as above

SHOULDERS: Also in two stages

NECK: Also in two stages

FACE: Also in two stages of screwing face into a tight grimace, then tensing brow and forehead. 

This exercise sounds rather complicated when described verbally, but flexing various body parts simply follows the natural way the joints and muscles move. After one session you will be able to feel your way around your body effortlessly. 

Short Version
A complete circuit of the body as described above takes about 15 minutes. If you are pressed for time, a short version involves only the toes, diaphragm, fingers, shoulders, neck and face."

Neither our minds or bodies need to be in a constant state of stress and tightness. Learning to relax both can greatly improve our quality of life. 

Enjoy and Relax! 
Liesl Anderson 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Class on using EFT and Hypnosis to Create Abundance and Prosperity

Hi all. I am letting everyone know that I will be teaching a class on using EFT and Hypnosis to create abundance and prosperity February 16th 7 - 8:30pm at New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland Oregon. If you would like to learn more about it and sign up to attend please visit http://www.newrenbooks.com/events/feb_reg.html#and
The class will be a hands on experience where we will use both group EFT and Hypnosis to help you let go of old negative beliefs and feelings about prosperity and abundance in your life. It will be a night that can change your life!
See you there!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Belief + Feelings = Emotions

" Emotions are simply a belief plus a feeling. Sometimes people have a difficult time identifying their emotions or expressing them in a clear effective manner. Some may have used mood altering drugs to hide from painful emotions. Still others may attempt to show false emotions to gain some real or imagined advantage over people around them.
In the majority of cases, problems with feelings originated at an early age. People may have grown up in emotionally unhealthy families. As children they may have been abandoned in physical ways, such as being left alone, given inadequate food, clothing or shelter or been beaten or sexually abused. They may have suffered from emotional abandonment by being expected to meet unrealistic expectations and being verbally attacked for coming up short. Their feelings of trauma may have gotten trapped.
The Consequence is that people with troubled childhoods often have a difficult time recognizing and expressing their emotions."
RET Life Skills Manual

According to the Sadonna method we do 3 things with our feelings. We stuff them, feed them or release them. When I read this I looked back on my life. I felt this fit what I had done with my feelings. I was a feeder for the most part though there were times I stuffed too. I rarely released my feelings. One way I could tell is my past feelings/emotions kept getting triggered. My way of feeding was talking about them and trying to find others who would get on my train of pity and judgement. I would look for people who would tell me I was right to feel this way and the other person was totally wrong. When I read the Life Skills Manual I had a awakening. I remember the day and place I reliezed I was not seeing present life clearly but through all the beliefs and feelings I had about my past. If I had been in a movie they would of put a light bulb above my head as I understood this concept. My feelings had been a result of my beliefs and had clouded my vision and judgement of myself and others in my life. This was a big pill for me to swallow. I had always believed myself to be right in most things about emotional health. I was somewhat educated through counseling, life and school. How could it be that I had missed this concept all together? My negative beliefs and feelings were not being released and therefore not allowing me to see myself or others as we truly were and could be. That was 6 yrs ago. I am still on the road and find that once in a while I get stuck in place and have to dig myself out to move forward in my growing and learning. That is why I am so passionate about sharing the teachings in the Life Skills Manual. I hope one day that these concept will touch another person as they did me. That they will be awakened to the idea that they have power in their lives through their thoughts and beliefs. That the negative beliefs and feelings that create their lives currently can be released. Then they are free to create their life on purpose with power to choose the direction. There are so many ways to learn to release our beliefs and feelings. The one that worked the best for me are the ones I use in my practice with clients. EFT and Rapid eye have changed my life in every way. I encourage you to learn about these techniques and be open to letting them help you to create peace and happiness in your life.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Universe is a Zucchini Plant.

The Universe is a Zucchini Plant??? What could that possibly mean???
If you have ever planted a zucchini plant you know that for one seed or plant you get many, many, many zucchini's that will produce for a long time. In fact most people are trying to give away their zucchini's by the end of the season. They have made many wonderful things with them like zucchini bread, pudding, casseroles and much more. They may of even put some of it away in the freezer for the winter. From one zucchini you could save enough seeds to plant a whole field of zucchini and soon your whole community could have more food then they could use. The same is true of sticker plants. They spread and over produce in your yard if allowed. In fact if you till them in instead of removing them they actually will come back worse. Which would you rather have something that produces food and meets you some of your needs 0r something that pricks you each time you get near it???
Most of us would pick the food option I am sure.
Well what does this have to do with the universe? Lets think about the principles of cause and effect and abundance. Cause and effect says that whatever we put out in to the universe/our world comes back to us and the principle of abundance says it comes back multiplied. We put thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions out into the world every second of every day. We never stop planting seeds in the our life. Some seeds grow easier then others and most we are unaware of. We become very automatic in our planting of seeds ( thoughts, words, and deeds) over time. Maybe we were taught to speak in a negative way or believe the worst of others through our families. Or maybe we had a few negative experiences and so we developed a belief about life centered around those experiences and ignored the positive experiences. Where ever they came from they are our seeds and we are responsible for planting them. It is true others can abuse us and treat us badly and it takes a bit of time to decide which seeds we want to take from that experience. Do we want the sticker bushes or the zucchini?
If we are unhappy with our life experience it is time to look at what seeds we are planting and do what we can to change the seeds to something that we want more of. If we are feeling anger then spend time around those who love us and learn to send love back to them. If we are feeling fear find situations where we feel courageous and feed those. The idea is to find the opposite of what we don't want to experience and create that in our lives.
Sometimes we need help from others to deeply release the negative beliefs that create the feelings that are planting the sticker bushes in our lives. EFT and Rapid Eye are very powerful tools to help people let go of old beliefs and the negative experiences they have created in their lives. You are in charge of your garden/life. Become aware and plant it well for an abundant crop.